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Real Estate in Scottsdale

Known far and wide as “the West’s most Western Town,” Scottsdale has become one of Arizona’s most popular cities, a favorite of tourists and modern-day settlers alike. With its severe and spectacular landscape, highly evolved art scene, and strong ties to Native American culture, real estate Scottsdale is a destination unlike any other.

Located in Maricopa County, adjacent to the desert metropolis of Phoenix, Scottsdale lies at the heart of Arizona’s Valley of the Sun, within the boundaries of the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area. The Valley of the Sun was one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States in the decade that spanned 1990 to 2000 and continues to attract more people with every year that passes. Real estate in Scottsdale, in particular, has proven immensely popular, and homes in the city are among the most sought-after properties in the greater Phoenix area.

Many people who choose to consider real estate in Scottsdale do so for the region’s incredible climate, which features dry desert air, a boon for allergy sufferers, plus mild winters and hot summers. More residents flock here for the high quality of life, unsurpassed anywhere else in the southwest. Scottsdale is home to a thriving art and cultural scene which draws from such diverse heritage as Native American, Hispanic, African-American, and European, and which encompasses diverse techniques and crafts ranging from jewelry-making to weaving and pottery, as well as sculpture, photography, and all other forms of visual arts. Music, dance, and other arts are also well represented in the Scottsdale area.

Real estate in Scottsdale places its owners in close proximity to some of the finest golf courses and resorts in the southwest, as well as numerous colleges and educational institutions, including the University of Arizona campus at Tempe, Scottsdale Community College, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s School of Architecture at Taliesin West.

With its solid and diverse economic base, a hardy and prosperous small business sector, and a respectable income from tourism, the city is well balanced from a commercial standpoint. Although many owners of real estate in Scottsdale work outside the city in Phoenix or Tempe, there are numerous employment opportunities for professionals in all fields within the city of Scottsdale. If you’re a business owner interested in relocating to the Scottsdale area, your professional real estate agent in Scottsdale can assist you in choosing the perfect location for your business.

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History of Scottsdale

Scottsdale was originally inhabited by the Hohokam, a tribal nation that claimed the lands in the Valley of the Sun from about 300 B.C. to approximately 1400 A.D. In the 15th century, however, the Hohokam vanished, leaving behind only their eerily sophisticated system of irrigation canals, which collectively measured over 125 miles long.

Later, the lands around Scottsdale were claimed by the Pima tribes, who inhabited the village of Vasai S Vasoni in what is today considered central Scottsdale. In 1888, Army Chaplain Winfield Scott purchased 640 acres of land in the Scottsdale area from the Pima for $2.50 an acre. Scott’s brother, George Washington Scott, was the fledgling city’s first permanent resident. At first, the settlement was called Orangedale, but the name was changed to Scottsdale in 1894. Some of the Pima people continued to live on the land in their traditional homes, but eventually, the tribe members chose to transition to more modern housing within Scottsdale or to move east to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The last Pima residence in town was occupied until the 1960s.

The internationally renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a part-time resident of Scottsdale. In 1937, he set up what he called his “winter camp,” where he designed and built the structure known as Taliesin West, in the shadow of the McDowell Mountains. Today, that building serves as the headquarters of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and as the winter home of the School of Architecture. Tours of the home, including the lovingly restored personal quarters of Mr. and Mrs. Wright, are available to visitors. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. In addition to Taliesin West, those who consider investing in real estate in Scottsdale, AZ will observe several of Frank Lloyd Wright’s magnificent designs throughout Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area.

Today, the city of Scottsdale has evolved from a struggling town of 2,000 residents in he 1960s to an upscale living destination that includes more than 200,000 residents. Real estate in Scottsdale is among the most desirable in Arizona. Perhaps inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, builders have outdone themselves in Scottsdale, creating homes and commercial real estate properties that highlight the incredible natural beauty of their surroundings. Rather than dominate the landscape, many properties seem to become part of it. People who own Scottsdale real estate are offered the chance to appreciate the unique and diverse beauty of the Valley of the Sun from a perspective unavailable anywhere else in the greater Phoenix area.

Tourism is a major part of the city’s economy — golf courses that began as a clever way to stem the rush of the Indian Bend Wash now draw golfers from all over the globe. Of particular note is the annual FBR Open Golf Tournament held at the Tournament Player’s Club, an event that has earned the distinction of being the best-attended event on the PGA Tour. The resorts that overlook Scottsdale’s golf courses and mountain vistas are among the finest and most luxurious in the nation. Many people who own Scottsdale real estate were once tourists here themselves, folks who fell in love with the unforgettable charm of the West, and with the unsurpassable quality of life in the place that the United States Conference of Mayors once called America’s “Most Livable City.”

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