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Chandler Community Profile:

Chandler is named for Dr. A.J. Chandler, the first veterinary surgeon appointed to serve the Arizona territory. In the 1890s, he acquired some 18,000 acres of irrigated farmland. The San Marcos Hotel, now managed by Sheraton, was built in 1913 by Dr. Chandler and was one of the first resort hotels in Arizona. It has been fully restored and updated to maintain its world class reputation and is currently undergoing additional upgrades. Once a quiet farm town centered around a tree-lined plaza, Chandler has become one of the third fastest growing cities in the nation. In the 1990s, it doubled in size and today its planning area encompasses 71 square miles.

Principal Economic Activities:

Chandler has successfully diversified its economy. Agriculture is still important, but the city is now a high-tech industry center. Motorola and Intel combined have five plants, including Motorola’s Iridium and Intel’s Pentium III chip facilities. Other high-tech industries are Rogers, Avnet, AMKOR, SpeedFam, Orbital Sciences and Microchip Technology. Over 75 percent of Chandler’s 30,000 manufacturing employees are in high-tech fields; the national average is 15 percent.

Scenic Attractions:

Chandler annually celebrates the best it has to offer through unique festivals. In March, the annual Chandler Ostrich Festival attracts over 200,000 people with a parade, carnival, live entertainment and ostrich races. Each December, Chandler hosts the annual Tumbleweed Christmas Tree Celebration. Additionally, Chandler hosts an annual Cotton Festival, Greek Fest and Jazz Fest. The Chandler Museum offers exhibits on local farming, Indian artifacts and life in historic Arizona. The Arizona Railway Museum features a steam locomotive, tank car, caboose and train station. The Chandler Center for the Arts features live musical performances, plays and dance interpretations.

Community Facilities:

Chandler has two museums, three libraries, a Center of the Arts, five swimming pools, four golf courses, Tumbleweed Tennis Complex, several racquetball courts, and numerous parks with facilities for baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, and picnics. The City of Chandler Parks & Recreation Dept., Maricopa parks & Recreation Dept. and other organizations schedule many recreational programs throughout the year. The City Parks & Recreation Dept. received an award for the best facility from the Arizona Parks & Recreation Assoc. for the Desert Oasis Facility in Chandler. Prepared on 1/3/2007

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